Works By Bill Kinney

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"A desperate struggle against pure evil"    --   South Jersey Readers Guild

Your weapon never leaves the holster unless you are prepared to use it and the use of deadly force is your only option. If
you shoot, you shoot to kill, Center Mass, leave no doubts."   --   Police Chief William Kinney, FBI Certified Firearms Instructor

Enter the exciting world of Bill Nash with the first installment of the Nash Trilogy. The stories are fictional, to say the least. They are based, however, on thoughts of how any of us would like to see heinous criminals dealt with by law enforcement. Unfortunately, law enforcement agencies are goverened by rules, regulations and laws. Bill Nash and his cast of characters have none of those restrictions.

The stories contain a great deal of violence and are not for the faint of heart. In these stories, you will not find a heavy dose of writer's “diarrhea of the keyboard”. I have tried to tell the tale in narrative form with as little fluff as possible. The language used by the characters is the language of the tough guy. It is not for public consumption, in general, but it is the way tough guys talk, think and act sometimes.

The Bill Nash Series

  • Center Mass

    A fast-paced story about how cops would like to react, were they not governed by strict rules and regulations. Nash does what Dirty Harry only wishes he could do. (More ...)

  • Black Knight

    Nash was the cop that other police forces called when they didn't want to get their hands dirty. Spoken of in hushed tones by most all veteran law enforcement agents, he became what they all wanted to be!
    (More ...)

  • Blue Brotherhood

    Exciting Civil War tale of two Gettysburg brothers and their evolution from innocent young farm boys to members of a cadre of Union Army officers intent on defending their country under any circumstance.
    (More ...)

  • Works In Progress

  • The Blue Line
    Coming Soon!

  • How I Worked My Way To the Bottom

    A realistic story of how businesses can so easily flop and the people that make it happen. A must-read for future business owners, CEOs, and the people who work for them.
    (More ...)